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You're just moments away from unlocking one of the most potent financial market secrets ever invented. An investment weapon that returns 109.6% per year on average.

Roger -- The Hidden Quant -- discovered it in the 1990's. This breakthrough powered his hedge fund from $20 million to $740 million between 1999 and 2009.

From 2010 on -- it multiplied every $1 you invested into $299 and change.

If it can achieve those kinds of returns for us, it can do the same thing for you.

You simply need to remember this one basic principle...

0.95 > 1.5 > 0.66
Never Lies!

This pattern identifies exactly three NASDAQ Titan trades every two weeks. When the numbers appear for Blue Chip stocks like Apple, Intel, Tesla or Baidu...

It predicts a rapid 10-40% gain in 14 days or less!

You'll see trades like...
  • 17.3% in Autodesk (ADSK).
  • 22% in American Airlines (AAL).
  • 11% in Baidu (BIDU).
  • 25.5% in Akamai Technologies (AKAM).
  • 11% in Expedia (EXPE).
  • 8% in Ebay (EBAY).
  • 31% in Priceline (PCLN).
  • 19.2% in Biogen (BIIB).
  • AND many, many more...
Since 2010 -- when it first became possible to trade the forbidden numbers with NASDAQ stocks -- we're up an average of 109.6% per year. Or 29,900% over the last 91 months.

If you'd invested even a tiny amount with it back then...

You'd be sitting on a vast fortune today.

A $5,000 portfolio would be $1.49 million.

With $10,000 you'd be at $2.99 million.

With $25,000 you'd have $7.47 million in your account.

When history repeats itself over the next 91 months... you'll have the opportunity to make so much money -- it's absolutely sickening.

You'll cash in every two weeks -- like clockwork -- as we rotate into new Profit Clusters. You won't be tied up in any position for months or years. You'll be 100% liquid all the time.

Unlike with other investment strategies...

The NASDAQ Titans system is profitable in all kinds of markets. When the economy is at full steam -- we cash in on our stock picks. And when crisis inevitably strikes?

We'll be protected by our TMF hedging position.

That's why our largest portfolio loss over the last 6+ years has only been 8%. All while the suckers in the broad market suffered 9%... 11%... 16%... and even 17% roller coasters.

And if you trade the program with options?

You can explode a mere 7.34% gain into 693% profits!

So -- as you can see -- you won't need a vast fortune to make money with the NASDAQ Titans method. Even a tiny position can pay out huge just two weeks from now.

Then you'll have a steady stream of cash -- direct to your bank account. It's like having your very own "free" ATM -- with fresh withdrawals every 14 days without fail.

We're Officially Inviting You to Accept One of the 50 Membership Slots Available Today.

When you complete the form at the bottom of this page -- you'll have complete access to the Forbidden Numbers strategy through our new NASDAQ Titans trading group.

Once you've joined -- you'll start getting...

Bi-weekly Trade Signals

The night before each rotation, we'll send you an email detailing exactly which NASDAQ stocks to rotate into for maximum profits over the next fortnight.

With trades like...
  • 14.7% in Baidu (BIDU).
  • 24.2% in Tesla Motors (TSLA).
  • 27.8% in Yahoo (YHOO).
  • 41.3% in Keurig Green Mountain (GMCR).
  • 25.9% in Regeneron Pharmaceuticals (REGN).
  • 19% in Netflix (NFLX).
  • 20% in Sandisk (SNDK).
  • 23% in Baidu (BIDU).
  • And many more...
All you need to do is pull the trigger and wait 10-14 days for your exit.

Daily Coaching

Roger spends three to four hours EACH DAY writing up fresh market analysis, and giving his outlook on all of our open positions. It's like receiving a private briefing from one of the world's top hedge fund managers in your inbox every day.

You'll use his insight to spot bonus opportunities in the market.

They might be other stocks or "macro trades" he's eyeing. Or they might be options opportunities on one of the stocks in our existing NASDAQ Titans portfolio.

Bottom Line: this coaching will make you a better, more disciplined trader. You'll profit from the skills you gain under Roger's mentorship for the lifetime of your trading career.

NASDAQ Titan Training Videos

Yes -- you've learned a lot in the video series this week. But when you get into the members' area, you'll find another set of videos. These explain the strategy in even more detail.

These do get a bit technical -- and will be an enormous advantage for more advanced traders. BUT you will not have to understand the techniques to trade our signals.

Options Titan Video Tutorial Included...

Get Started With Options in 3 Simple-to-Follow Steps
  • Step-by-step video tutorials will show you precisely how we substitute stocks and ETFs with low risk call options... that target aggressive returns with limited risk.
  • HD video tutorials inside your members portal to help you learn to select the strike price that will give you the highest profit potential and optimal sensitivity to the price movement of the underlying stock.
  • Discover how to select the right options expiration date and how weekly option can give you just the right amount of time... so you don't have to waste money on unnecessary options premium value.
  • Follow my simple step-by-step method for working the order to ensure that the best price fill goes to you instead of the market maker... this one simple technique can save you tens of thousands of dollars.

Performance Review

Inside the members area you'll find the entire performance record of the NASDAQ Titan strategy dating back to 2010. This includes every trade we've ever taken.

You'll be able to track our overall performance from here.

PLUS -- you'll have your very own downloadable performance spreadsheet, which you can fill in as you trade. This will allow you to track your individual performance with the system.

All of these elements -- when combined -- give you an incredible financial weapon.

Since 2010 -- you could have used them to...
  • Take 665 - two week - trades with a win rate of 69.8%.
  • Earn $2.59 for every winner, while sacrificing only $1 on each loser.
  • Experience 109.6% average annual account growth.

With performance like that, you could have turned a $10,000 investment into $21,727 in year one. That's a triple on your portfolio. You'd have had an $83,475 gain in year two.

That's 263% on your entire portfolio.

The wins would have kept on coming too. You'd have made $91,688 in year 3, and a whopping $354,371 in year four. Today you'd, have 2.99 million!

All from an $10,000 initial investment.

That's a 299x multiple.

Imagine the effect that would have on your 401(k), IRA, or personal investment account if history were to repeat itself...

Every $20,000 would be $5.9 million!

Every $40,000 would be $11.9 million!

Every $100,000 would be $29.9 million!

That's an enormous opportunity.

Which is why NASDAQ Titans normally costs $5,000.

Given what the system has accomplished already -- that's already a fantastic deal.

Today -- however -- I can actually do one better...

If you take one of the 50 NASDAQ Titan memberships available today... I'll slash $3,203 off the full and fair price!

Not only that -- but you won't even have to pay all at once.

You'll get access for three monthly payments of...


AND - if you choose to pay the full membership at once - you’ll save $300.

You'll only pay $1,497.

OR -- you can secure two years of membership and save $1,100.

You'll only pay $2,497.

At that price, the second year is 60% off the installment rate.

Plus, if you act today, you can keep these discounts when your account renews automatically.

But you need to act immediately.

You see -- the forbidden numbers have struck again. They've identified THREE fresh trades, on high growth NASDAQ stocks with no ceiling in sight.

According to Roger's analysis -- they could be HUGE.

We're looking at a potential 20-40% return on each position. If you trade these entries with options, you could very well be looking at a 10-20x return per trade.

In two weeks -- these moves will have played out.

So you must act today to benefit.

When you do, you'll be protected by our iron-clad guarantee.

Our "Beat S&P 500 Or Double Up" Guarantee

We're so confident in our strategy -- and so certain that it will produce the results we've promised -- we're making you a pretty unique guarantee.

If you follow our instructions to the letter...

And if you don't beat the S&P in the first year...

You'll get your second year of NASDAQ Titans 100% free.

You won't find any other financial experts -- or ANY other experts in ANY field -- who are willing to bet a full year of their service like we are. That's how much we stand behind the NASDAQ Titans and its 109.6% average annual track record.

Keep in mind -- only 50 people will be accepted into the group.

So if want in on the next Profit Cluster -- you need to act now.

Fill out the form at the bottom of this page -- and I'll see you in the member's area.
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