As one of our VIP traders, if you prefer, you have free access to talk to my trading systems expert, Sean Ryan, who is happy to discuss this opportunity with you in detail.

We're so committed to ensuring that you fully understand the Options Income Formula that Sean has let me put his personal cell phone number here for you so that you can reach him as soon as possible (or leave him a message if he is on the phone). His number is 1-815-999-2608

Starting today, YOU Could Begin Using
Options Income Formula
to Potentially EARN 1,745% In 2017!

But You Must Act Now, As We're Only Offering 50 Membership Slots!

You're just moments away from unlocking one of the most potent financial market secrets ever invented... an investment weapon that was 92.7% accurate in 2016.

From 1999 to 2009, Roger -- the mastermind behind the Option Income Formula -- turned $20 million into $740 million for his clients. Now, he's giving his insight to YOU!

Over 2016, he signaled 97 Credit Spread and Iron Condor Trades.

If you'd invested just $5,000 in each -- you'd have made $87,300.

You simply need to remember this one basic principle...

Income Traders Get Fed,
While Directional "Gamblers" Starve!

With this unique income trading strategy -- we get 7-8 new opportunities every month. These trades have limited risk -- big upside -- and they typically play out in a few days.

On average -- each position would have returned 18% on your investment.

AND, when you get started with it -- you'll see trades like...
  • 32.3% in 6 Days on LinkedIn LNKD.
  • 29.5% in 4 Days on SVXY.
  • 16% in 14 Days on Monsanto MON.
  • 13.8% in 7 Days on Netflix NFLX.
  • 33.4% in 10 Days on NXP Semiconductors NXPI.
Since 2016 -- you'd have earned 17.5x your per trade investment.

We have every reason to believe we'll repeat our performance in 2017.

If you join us, you potentially could have a steady stream of cash -- direct to your bank account...like having your very own "free" ATM -- with fresh withdrawals 7-8 times a month without fail.

We're Officially Inviting YOU to Accept One of the 50 Membership Slots Available Today.

When you complete the form at the bottom of this page -- you'll have complete access to the Option Income Formula through our new trading group... as long as your accepted.

Once you're approved and officially inside our exclusive group -- you'll start getting...

Real Time Email & SMS Trade Alerts

You'll have entry and exit alerts delivered straight to your inbox and cellphone during market hours. We give you all the details you need to enter and exit each trade.

We've had wins like...
  • 24.5% in 7 Days on SVXY.
  • 26.6% in 21 Days on Amazon AMZN.
  • 15% in 13 Days on GLD.
  • 43.6% in 8 Days on TLT.
  • 14.4% in 43 Days on SPY.
  • 27.4% in 10 Days on Amazon AMZN.
  • 18.5% in 11 Days on BABA.
All you need to do is pull the trigger, and follow our exact instructions on each option contract to buy and sell. Then you either wait for the options to expire or for our signal to exit.

Daily Coaching

Roger spends three to four hours EACH DAY writing up fresh market analysis, and giving his outlook on all of our open positions. It’s like receiving a private briefing from one of the world’s top hedge fund managers in your inbox every day.

Bottom Line: this coaching will make you a better, more disciplined trader. You’ll profit from the skills you gain under Roger’s mentorship for the lifetime of your trading career.

Daily Market Updates

The daily position report will give you detailed analysis on open positions, profit targets as well as potential position risk. You're never left wondering what to do.

24 Module Video Training

We've included over 5 1/2 hours of extensive credit spread and iron condor spread training, including our trade selection process for different risk levels.

Weekly and Monthly Options

When volatility levels are unusually high, we utilize weekly options and when market volatility declines we switch back to monthly options for maximum profits.

Most services only include one or the other. We do both.

Credit Spreads & Iron Condors

We target credit spreads and iron condors with high implied volatility, which increases the premium we receive and lowers the potential risk level on each spread.

Again -- most services only include one or the other. We do both.

Weekly Video Q & A

Each week you get a video with answers to important questions that we receive from members like you throughout the previous week.

Secure Members Area

You can access your secure members' portal anytime to check on the latest trade recommendation or to view the latest weekly market analysis video.

Performance Review

Inside the members' area, you'll find the entire performance record of the Option Income Formula dating back to 2016. This includes every trade we've ever taken.

You'll be able to track our overall performance from here.

PLUS -- you'll have your very own downloadable performance spreadsheet, which you can fill in as you trade. This will allow you to track your individual performance with the system.

All of these elements -- when combined -- can give you an incredible income machine.

Since January, 2016 -- you could have used them to...
  • Take 97 -- ultra-short term -- trades with a win rate of 92.7%.
  • Earn an average return of 18% per trade -- even including losses.
  • Experience 1,745% returns the amount you risk per trade.
With performance like that, you could invest $1,000 per trade and make into $17,450 in year one. At $5,000 per trade -- you'd be looking at $87,250 in safe, steady income.

As you grow your portfolio -- the income power only increases.

At just $10,000 per trade -- you're potentially looking at $174,500 in income.

But, the profit numbers aren't the whole story.

The real advantage of this method is that you can get 100% of your trades dead wrong -- and still make money every month. It profits if markets go up. It pays you if markets go down. And if they stay flat? You'll get paid even more!

You enter each trade knowing exactly what you stand to win, and precisely how much you can lose. Unlike betting on stocks, ETFs, or futures, your risk is highly limited. On some trades, it could be as low as $150. So you can do it with a very tiny account.

Yet when we can potentially get a 17.5x multiple on your investment per trade...

Your account won't stay small for very long.

Which is why Option Income Formula normally costs $5,000.

Given what the system has accomplished already -- that's already a fantastic deal.

Today -- however -- I can actually do one better....

If You Take One of the 50 Option Income FORMULA Memberships Available Today...
We'll Slash $3,509 OFF the Full and Fair Price!

Not only that -- but you won't even have to pay all at once.

You'll get access for three monthly payments of only...


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You'll only pay $1,247.

OR -- you can secure two years of membership and SAVE $624.

You'll only pay $1,870.

At that price, the second year is 50% off the installment rate.

But you need to act immediately.

You see -- the Option Income FORMULA is preparing to signal a fresh trade. In a matter of days, it will point the way to another 20%... 30%... or even 50% rapid fire win.

According to Roger's analysis -- it could be HUGE.

Even a $5,000 position could pay for the entire cost of membership. But -- since these trades only present for a day or two -- and pay out in as little as 24 hours...

You must act today to benefit.

When you do, you'll be protected by our Iron-Clad GUARANTEE.

Our "Beat S&P 500 Or Double Up" Guarantee

We're so confident in our strategy -- and so certain that it will produce the results we've discussed -- we're making you a pretty unique guarantee.

If you follow our instructions to the letter...

and if you don't beat the S&P in the first year...

You'll get your second year of Option Income Formula 100% FREE.

You won't find any other financial experts -- or ANY other experts in ANY field -- who are willing to bet a full year of their service like we are. That's how much we stand behind the Option Income Formula and its 92.7% historical accuracy.

Keep in mind -- only 50 people will be accepted into the group.

So if want in on the next INCOME Trading Opportunity -- you need to act now.

Fill out the form at the bottom of this page -- and I'll see you in the member's area.
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